Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Rich, Ranked

Virgo, only you can anticipate success. You make decisions calmly and believe that anyone can succeed with patience and hard work.

1. Virgo

You seem unstable and unreliable to outsiders. Scorpio, your family and friends believe you will succeed.

2. Scorpio

Leos realize the value of not giving up when others disagree. Life is planned.

3. Leo

Taurus, you embody "work hard, play hard" best. You respect work and recreation equally.

4. Taurus

Before making a decision, you analyze everything like a Capricorn. You don't ignore trivial mistakes.

5. Capricorn

Aries, your ambition will carry you far in life—but you knew that already. As Tim Gunn would say, you know how to make big money.

6. Aries

Aquarius, you are at the crossroads of success. You'll succeed, but to get rich, you need to play your cards well.

7. Aquarius

Sagittarius, you're not the first to accept aid, especially for something as life-changing as earning rich.

8. Sagittarius

Cancers desperately desire to change the world, but for different reasons. Success to you is not wealth.

9. Cancer

Pisces, some say you're too dreamy to succeed, but that's because you prefer analyzing your alternatives.

10. Pisces

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