Yellowstone's Posse Wonders Taylor Sheridan's Season 5 Second Half - Contenders TV

There is a lot of ground to cover in Yellowstone Season 5's six remaining episodes.

It's hard to predict where audiences will find these characters by the end of the season given the.

Dutton family's extensive intrafamily strife, John's (Kevin Costner) impeachment proceedings.

And a disease endangering the family's cattle. Director/executive producer Stephen Kay.

Expressed his hope that the group will be able to tie up those loose ends as soon as possible during Deadline's Contenders Television panel on Sunday.

Arrivals & Panels for Deadline Contenders Television Day 2 in 2023 Adam Scott,

Quinta Brunson, Elle Fanning, Brett Goldstein, & "Weird Al" Yankovic are featured in the gallery.