Yellowstone: Rip Loves Beth More Than Anyone Else.

Despite such villainy or Taylor Sheridan's tendency to change his "Yellowstone" character's loyalties from episode to episode, there doesn't seem to be a logical way to get Rip Wheeler to turn on John Dutton.

 She is even more dedicated to her daddy than the Dutton Ranch foreman, and any betrayal of John would be a betrayal of everything she and Rip have accomplished.

Beth and Rip's growing family would go further to stay together.

 Even then, it would be hard to accept either turning against John.

However, like Batman in "The Dark Knight," Rip may have to choose between the two.

In that or a less dramatic situation, Rip would save Beth. John Dutton would likely support it.

Even by "Yellowstone" norms, such a situation seems unlikely, but Sheridan has set the stage for the stretch run, so nothing would be surprising—except Rip saving John instead.