Willie Nelson's 90th birthday show features Snoop Dogg and Chris Stapleton.

The 90th birthday party for Willie Nelson at the Hollywood Bowl will go down in concert history.

The huge two-night concert, "Long Story Short: Willie Nelson 90," began on Saturday (Nelson's birthday.

After ballooning to epic proportions with last-minute additions to the lineup.

From the backstage red carpet, musician Lyle Lovett told USA TODAY, "This is one of those.

Weekends that people are going to talk about forever." "I just responded 'yes' right away. I was privileged to be questioned.

Start your day more wisely. Each morning, receive all the news you require in your inbox. The list of artists, which includes Tom Jones.

The Chicks, Chris Stapleton, and Snoop Dogg, simply "shows the power of Willie Nelson," according to Lovett. There isn't anyone like him.

We're all pals because of Willie Nelson since we all have him in common. Both of those things and Willie are essential to the world.