Will Smith's positive Coachella moment is changing opinions.

After a heartwarming video of Will Smith enjoying his kids' Coachella performance went viral, it won over the internet.

On April 14, the eagerly awaited California music festival made its return. Over the course of the following weekend, Bad Bunny, Frank Ocean, and BLACKPINK all gave performances.

Jaden Smith was brought to the stage by Willow Smith to sing their song "Summertime in Paris," which they wrote together.

When Jaden praised and commended his sister for her artwork, the audience became quite emotional.

As your brother, watching you do this makes me cry. I adore you a lot. I'm so inspired by you,

I'm so glad for what you're doing in the world, and I'm so inspired by how many lives your music is changing," he remarked.

Will later uploaded a video of himself dancing to Willow's performance to Instagram. "WILLOWCHELLA!!" he wrote as the video's caption.

He replied later, stating he was crying uncontrollably.