Why We Haven't Gotten a New ‘Star Trek’ Movie Yet

More than ever, the Star Trek franchise is flourishing. There are numerous shows available thanks to Paramount+. Try Star Trek:

Discovery if you're looking for a contemporary Trek story. Star Trek: Picard or Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will appeal to fans who are nostalgic for a certain time period.

Star Trek: Prodigy offers younger fans the ideal entrance point. But one thing is still uncertain:

Will Trek continue to be produced for the big screen? Even though Paramount has been anxious to bring a new Trek movie into cinemas,

A number of obstacles may prevent them from doing so. The last theatrical release was way back in 2016 with Star Trek Beyond.

Filmmakers Rapidly Join and Leave Star Trek Projects

Star Trek spinoff series have been announced as quickly as new Star Trek movies.

J.D. Payne first For the fourth installment of the rebooted Trek movie series,

Patrick McKay created a plot in which Jim Kirk (Chris Pine) would have met his late father George (Chris Hemsworth).