When Your Boyfriend Will Propose According to His Zodiac

After being in a long-term committed relationship for a number of months or years,

The topic of whether or not the man in the relationship will propose marriage eventually becomes an issue.

Buzzing about the minds of many different women, to the point where it ultimately becomes all-consuming.

It's a game of guess and check: what original technique will he come up with to ask her to be his girlfriend?

When does he plan to start working on it? Do I have all I need, and should I proceed to ask her out on a date?

If you look at their sun sign and base your assumptions off of some telltale clues, you might be able to have a better idea of when the proposal will take place.

You may have a pretty good idea of when the proposal is likely to take place, despite the fact that every couple who is in a relationship has their own special dynamic.

I hope that your attempts to find romantic happiness are met with much success.

I have high hopes that you will soon be able to hear the joyful sound of wedding bells in your future.

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- Dalai Lama