What Zodiac Sign Is Most Popular?

People think Scorpios are the most popular zodiac sign, which is great because this energetic but mysterious sign will keep things interesting.


Virgos are the second most popular sign, after Scorpio, and they are also very kind. They are always there to help a friend in need or give advice to someone who asks for it.


These funny, friendly signs will always make a party more fun. Geminis want to be your friend no matter what, and they get along with everyone in a room with no problem.


Pisces is very in touch with their own imagination because they are kind and sensitive. They are often called the daydreamers of the zodiac because they always have a new, creative idea that they can't wait to tell everyone.


Libra is a very smart sign, and they often have friendly arguments with their friends and family


Cancers like their own room, but when they need to, they don't mind letting others in. They are caring, loving, and all around a great sign to have in your life.


It is thought that Aquarius is the strangest sign in the U.S. They're a sign that doesn't want to fit in with the crowd. Instead, they want to stand out and do their own thing. If there's an Aquarius in your life, you'll know it.


Leo loves to hang out with other people. They are smart and charming, and they've never met someone they couldn't talk to.


Aries are very straightforward and won't be afraid to tell you what they want. They are strong-willed and sure of themselves, and often find themselves in places of leadership.


Capricorns are very goal-oriented, and they often push themselves to do more than anyone else. They work hard and help people out a lot, especially their friends and family.


Taurus have thick skin and are also very sure of themselves. They care a lot about money and like to spend it on nice things. They are very loyal and kind, so they make great friends.


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