Weight loss drug Wegovy and generic Mounjaro.

According to trial data released by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly,

the active ingredient in the diabetic drug Mounjaro, tirzepatide, can assist patients in losing close to 16% of their body weight.1

According to Lilly, the weight loss recorded in this trial was larger than that seen with other drugs for type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Although the drug is being used off-label, the company said it will ask the Food and Drug ...

...Administration (FDA) to approve an indication for weight management.

"It's wonderful that we now have another drug that promotes weight loss while also enhancing glycemic control.

David Lau, MD, PhD, adjunct professor in the departments of medicine, biochemistry and molecular biology,

and kinesiology at the University of Calgary, told Verywell that if [tirzepatide] is approved for the management of obesity,