Sun Chips

Sun Chips' giant chips swept the nation. It wanted to make a 100% Whole Grain chip that tasted like your favorite chip brands.


Fuego is Takis' best-known flavor. Fuego's strong chili pepper and lime flavor will make you sweat and redden your fingers.

'Dirty' Potato Chips

Kettle-cooked "dirty" potato chips use premium ingredients for a crunchier, tastier chip.

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We can't explain why these chips are so amazing, so you'll have to buy a bag to find out.


Lays are a 75-year-old American staple. The famous potato chip company has so many varieties that any chip enthusiast will discover one they like.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod chips are Kettle Crisp potato chips. We wanted to highlight a favorite chip brand because Cape Cod is overlooked.

Mi Rancho

My Rancho tortilla chips are crunchy enough for salsa dipping. You can eat too many chips without remorse.

Kettle Brand

 Kettle Chips had the best crisp and taste. We love Lays and Ruffleswe'll get to them later but this rating was all about texture.


Doritos are ideal snack chips. Our only gripe is Doritos Dust that sticks to your fingertips after inhaling a bag.


Tostitos chips are always a hit. First, the Original Restaurant Style Tortilla Chip.

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