Today's Horoscope: May 2, 2023

Aries, ask the Universe for a sign if you're having deja vu today. A feeling of repetition or having been-there-done that typically originates from a glitch in the matrix trying to draw your attention to something that requires attention.


Taurus, stay focused! Right on time. Yes, design your life from your most fascinating and pleasant place.


Gemini, don't despair. If you feel like life has been a one-way street in any way, the cosmic forces hear you and are sending huge waves of love back at you in the form of surprise gifts, unexpected calls from loved ones, a new bloom on your plant, or a morning snuggle from your furry babies.


Cancer, trust that good things can happen to you and stick around! Only you can stop amazing times around you.


Leo, abandon OCD. Your unique nose, warm chuckle, and quirky sense of humor make you You, so why not serenade yourself today instead of searching for perfection?


Virgo, be quick to act on your intuition today. As with divine timing, blessings always come when you need them most when you come from a place of what you can offer.


Your middle name is steadiness, Libra, and it's a special talent to have. Please resolve to pay a little more attention to your health today. When you resolve to do something, you make sure you do it well.


Scorpio, you are finally home. Look at you, having braved your way to this point. Now make it rain.