Timothée Chalamet is the only subject that Kylie Jenner is mentioning.

Kylie Jenner is not very mysterious. Since she was a preteen, she has made appearances on the reality series about her family, currently titled The Kardashians (formerly Keeping Up With the Kardashians).

She regularly writes and participates in interviews where she discusses who she "really is." Finally, she revealed the second child she had with Travis Scott's name ("Aire").

Although I don't want to imply it, she provides the public with enough information to allay a lot of the sense of mystery. 

Timothée Chalamet is also somewhat transparent. He has consistently worked on well-selected,

hot projects throughout the years that call for junkets and delightful magazine articles. We believe that we "get" Timmy Chalamet for the most part. 

But together, as TMZ and Entertainment Tonight are reporting, is it true? Everyone wonders what they discuss because they are the unusual couple.

 Do they discuss the stresses brought on by social media? Economic collapse? relocating to a Malibu farm to raise chickens? Both characters are refreshed with a tinge of mystery. 

When Jenner's representative was contacted about their rumored on-again, off-again relationship last week, she responded, "No comment." 

Jenner keeps quiet about this ostensible romance. However, there are other topics she feels comfortable discussing with a journalist, such as when she was a teenager and drove from Calabasas to Los Angeles after taking her mother's car. 

- Dalai Lama