Thomas Morstead claims that the Jets' aggressive salary offer prompted him to return to New York.

After Braden Mann took a step back in 2022, the Jets recognized they needed help at punter. 

So they went out and brought back a familiar face, making certain that they gave themselves the greatest opportunity possible.

In an interview with Heavy on Jets' Paul Edsen, new Jets punter Thomas Morstead stated that the Jets' contract offer "felt aggressive."

I don't think it was so much about how much I was getting paid as it was about signing the veteran salary benefit contract."

[That] is below my market value, but they guarantee the entire transaction. They basically stated, "We want you back,

and we're going to commit to you for the season." That is a fantastic offer, and there are probably not many folks on the veteran salary benefit who are getting the entire thing guaranteed.

It felt aggressive in a way, even though it's the bare minimum they can pay me, but it's a year-long commitment.

This was simply an aggressive move. They simply stated, "Look, we really want you, and we're putting our money where our mouth is with guarantees."

Morstead signed a one-year, $1,317,500 contract with the Jets, with $1,092,500 guaranteed.