The NBA has been rocked by Draymond Green's ban.

In the first-round series between the Sacramento Kings and the Golden State Warriors, the Kings held a commanding 2-0 advantage.

The incline became more steep on Tuesday night. Draymond Green won't be able to play in Game 3.

Green was kicked out of Game 2 on Monday night after getting into a fight with Domontas Sabonis, who was playing for Sacramento.

Green will not be allowed to play in Game 3 on Wednesday due to his suspension from the NBA.

The outspoken nature of Green makes him a controversial player in the NBA. That was evident in the reaction to his suspension.

Certain supporters earned it more than others. Others argued that the suspension was unjustified because Green kicked Sabonis only because Sabonis was clutching onto his ankle before the kick.

Golden State needs to take both of their home games against the Kings in order to make a comeback in this series. It will not be easy to turn the score around. The Warriors' performances on the road in games 5 and 7 made things more difficult.

Despite Sacramento's two victories, the series has been a close one overall. The Kings took Game 1 with a score of 126-123 and Game 2 with a score of 114-106.

Golden State is capable of competing with Sacramento. At your house, you have a better chance of winning close games. Without Green, victory will be tough to achieve.

- Dalai Lama