Kourtney Kardashian addressed her 44th birthday "obscene display of wealth" criticism.

The creator of Poosh turned 44 on April 18 and celebrated with a trip to Santa Barbara with her family.

Kourtney posted pictures from her birthday on Instagram, showing how she was given a giant "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" sign and a huge bouquet of flowers as a surprise. On slide No. 5, you can see it.

While many of her fans wished her a happy birthday in the comments, some of them chastised her for receiving too many flowers.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if other unlucky folks could also have this experience? One individual wrote.

Another person added, "[Such] an obscene display of wealth, as usual." "I've never heard of any charitable endeavors on your part."

The Kardashians star responded to another person's question, "What do you think they do with the flowers after they are looked at?" She said, "We donate them to the children's hospital."

When asked what they do with all "the props, decor, and leftover food" from their birthday celebrations in 2019,

Her sister Khloé had also responded similarly. Khloé claims that while they frequently "donate to a food bank or church," they typically rent the decor or "store it for another function one day."