The 3 Most Intuitive Zodiac Signs

Ever had a “feeling” that something is…off? Or someone’s vibe just doesn’t sit well with you? If your gut is typically right, then you might be given with the power of intuition.

You’re not precisely Phoebe Halliwell (hey, we can’t all see the future), but your sixth sense is so on point, your friends assume you’re psychic.

While we’re all equipped with the power of intuition to some extent, some people’s antennas are bit more sensitive, which could have everything to do with their zodiac signs.

Check out the three most intuitive signs to see whose ability to smell out the B.S. is inscribed in the stars.

Cancer loves comfort and familiarity. Cancer notices any habit change. You may have said "Hi" without eye contact or not held her hand. Even if you didn't say anything, an intuitive Cancer has noticed the change, no matter how tiny. Bad day? Phone call dread? The crab can clearly read the wall.

1. Cancer

This water sign's empathetic nature blocks atmospheric energy shifts. Pisces can sense when you're ruminating about a job blunder or a fight before you do. For better or worse, this water sign is ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy.

2. Pisces

Scorpios are adept at uncovering others' darkest secrets, despite their own secrecy. Scorpios are more intuitive about vibrations, so they can detect danger before it starts.

3. Scorpio

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