The 3 Most Gullible Zodiac Signs

You devise an outrageous scenario for your best friend each year in order to divert her attention away from the surprise party that you are planned for her

Every single year, she falls for the same trick. It's possible that she's just naturally trusting,

But it's also possible that her horoscope makes her more likely to give in to everyone's demands.

Given this information, we would hazard a guess that she is either a Pisces, Libra,

These are the three zodiac signs that are the most susceptible to being duped, as well as the three signs that are the least likely to fall for a con.

Pisces' empathy can cloud their logic. Pisces are kind and understanding. Raquel Rodriguez, CEO of Your Zodiac, says people can easily exploit their nature. Their trusting attitude and desire to please others can make them naïve.

1. Pisces

Dettman writes, “Many would probably not have expected Libra in the list of naive zodiac signs, but scales can also be quite [gullible]. Libras value harmony and often mediate conflicts. Libras might be deceived by this feature, which benefits everyone.

2. Libra

Aries leaps headfirst. In love, recklessness breeds gullibility. “If they fall in love, they will only listen to their lover. Psychic Emily Newman says they ignore their instinct.

3. Aries

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