The 12 Cat Breeds With the Most Beautiful Blue Eyes

Cat science fun to share with your friends: According to Rose, Siamese with colorpoint coats actually suffer from a temperature-sensitive mutation in the tyrosinase (TYR) gene, which is a reverse form of albinism.


Long-haired Siamese had been around for generations, but it wasn't until the early 1950s that efforts were undertaken to separate them apart as a distinct breed, giving rise to the unusual and beautiful Balinese. 


Persian As early as the 1600s, Europeans were smitten by the delectable Persian. In 1906, the newly formed Cat Fanciers' Association in the United States selected him as its first registered breed.


The Himalayan, a mix between a Siamese and a Persian cat also known as a colorpoint Persian, always dazzles when she enters a room.


Who is this fluffy face now? When praising the attractive Birman, admirers use phrases like "ridiculously precious" and "complete cuddlepuff."


The lovely ragdoll cat breed, which consistently ranks among the most popular cat breeds, wins the prize for friendliness as well. Loved by all and incredibly gentle, 


A gray cat with blue eyes? Wow. Please, two more, please! He is not just another gorgeous face in the Tonkinese crossbreed population; he is one of several fashionable coats (due to his Siamese and Burmese parents).


Snowshoe The snowshoe serves as a gentle reminder that every cat breed with blue eyes is distinctively unique. As a domestic cross between an American shorthair and a Siamese,


The amiable colorpoint shorthair cat inadvertently causes a lot of disagreement among cat enthusiasts. Frequently a cross of a seal-point Siamese (typically fawn or cream body with dark seal, thought to have a gray colour)

Colorpoint Shorthair

Who is this attractive devil? Evidently a lucky charm, particularly in their native Thailand. Also known as the Khao Plort and the Khao Manee (pronounced "cow-muh-nee"),

Khao Manee

Spanish for "blue eyes," this lovely cat certainly knows how to strike a pose. Since there aren't many of them, they're also a little mysterious.

Ojos Azules

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