startling trade rumor from an NFL Draft insider

The 2023 NFL Draft is finally approaching after many months of speculation and study. 

And as the draft draws near, one of the craziest speculations to date has surfaced.

Latest- The Cardinals are getting calls from teams who want to move to #3 then take one of the offensive lineman,

Pro Football Network NFL draft expert Tony Pauline tweeted on Saturday. I was not told which OT is being attacked.

When Pauline drops a gem like this, it's important to take it seriously because he's one of the most knowledgeable NFL draft sources.

At the same time, this idea is quite astounding. Since they already have Kyler Murray at quarterback and are a rebuilding team with numerous other needs,

it has been simple to assume that the Arizona Cardinals would be highly willing to sell the No. 3 overall pick.

It makes sense for Arizona to trade its pick for a large amount of draft capital as the Chicago Bears did with the No. 1 pick rather than settling on a single talent.