Star Wars was 'broken' according to Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig.

Although Rachel Weisz has never seen Star Wars, her daughter and husband Daniel Craig have visited a galaxy far, far away quite a few times.

The Black Widow actress even admitted that the 5-year-old space opera fan's obsession with the movie...

...series became so intense that she and Craig had to break the news that Star Wars was "broken" to her.

During a recent appearance on The Late Show, Weisz said to Stephen Colbert, "Daniel and our daughter had been watching Star Wars.

"They began with the original ones, and it was like a father-daughter activity.

My daughter became fixated. She insisted that you "Google this." Just Google it. How does Darth Vader appear without his mask?

She is obsessed with mythology and wants to know everything, said Weisz. I informed him—her father—that I believed she couldn't handle this.

It's too ferocious. So he made the decision to inform her that Star Wars is flawed.

When the family arrived in New York after the incident in London, Weisz's daughter inquired, "Is Star Wars broken in New York, too?"