Shocking cuts on 'American Idol' Season 21's first live results show

On the first live combination competitive/results show of American Idol Season 21,

ABC staged a large "three-hour party" on the program's enormous, glossy new set, which host-with-the-most Ryan Seacrest labeled a "three-hour party."

The celebration was ended for six sidelined artists by the conclusion of the third hour,

As Ryan summoned one semifinalist after another to perform as the top 26 were reduced down to the top 20.

Among those eliminated were two of my personal favorites, as well as two I was confident would be among America's favorites.

Emma Busse, a theater diva extraordinaire, was one of those two upsets. Emma delivered a master-class,

Sam Smith cover last week that had judge Katy Perry raving about her ability to sing "all those hidden colors between all those colors of rainbow,

Those notes we don't even know exist" and Lionel Richie gasping, "I was trying to imagine,