Shaq's big problem gets a response from the sports world.

Monday, lawyers from the Moskowitz Law Firm said that they were able to serve Shaq in the class action case.

"The people who are suing FTX for a billion dollars just served @SHAQ outside of his house. His home security cameras recorded our service,

and the law firm said in a tweet that he shouldn't get rid of or delete any of these tapes because they are needed for a case.

Because he bought in FTX, Edwin Garrison is going up against people like Shaquille O'Neal, Tom Brady, and Gisele Bündchen.

Fox News reports that Garrison says his crypto account "went bankrupt after celebrities came out to back the crypto company."

Moskowitz Law Firm says that Shaq tried more than once to avoid getting papers served on him.

"We've been standing outside your TNT studios in Atlanta all week, but your security guards won't let us in to just hand deliver our legal complaint," the company wrote on Twitter.

"You've been avoiding us for months, and every other FTX celebrity has decided to listen to their complaints.

Please have the decency and honor to let our process servers bring our formal complaint on your behalf tomorrow, so you can defend your actions in this matter.