Ryan Seacrest responded to American Idol host criticism.

Ryan, 48, stated his "excitement" about American Idol returning to live broadcasting while appearing unconcerned by the criticism.

On Instagram, he posted a picture of Katy Perry and himself backstage.

Ryan was seen bouncing in the air, and Katy was seen posing like a fun robot with her arms and legs.

Can you tell I'm thrilled that American Idol is back on the air?

asked the former host of Live With Kelly and Ryan. Listen in right away.

A few hours ago, viewers criticized Ryan's behavior on the show and pleaded with him to "quit."

Some viewers thought he was a little "nasty" in how he broke the news to the contestants whether they had made it into the top 12 or not.

It was evident from the beginning of the episode that Ryan would not sugarcoat anything for potential American Idol contestants.