Russell Wilson almost avoids a terrible incident

Russell Wilson's second year in Denver is already off to a rocky start.

The 34-year-old quarterback had an accident on a golf course over the weekend and just missed a terrible disaster.

According to a Reddit post, the Broncos starting quarterback flipped his golf cart into a bunker at Arrowhead Golf Course in Roxborough Park, CO.

It seemed only right that the incident occurred on a course with the same name as the stadium of the team's fiercest rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to Mat Smith, a radio host at 104.3 The Fan — Denver Sports Radio, Wilson and the Broncos were unharmed and the veteran is well. 

Smith suggested Wilson missed the bunker while hunting for his ball. It's possible for Wilson, but Broncos fans don't want to hear it in Sean Payton's new era.

Denver got lucky with Wilson. Still, the Broncos may not want to watch it before starting their offseason program this week.

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