Rip Owes John Dutton His Life Yellowstone

What "Yellowstone" circumstance could drive Rip Wheeler to choose between his boss and father figure John Dutton and his love for Beth is unknown.

However, Taylor Sheridan's chess board heading into what could be the show's final episodes offers many possibilities as outside forces try to control the Duttons.

Sheridan will need a major plot twist to convince fans that Rip would abandon John in real life.

 Sheridan had spent the first four-and-a-half seasons of "Yellowstone" proving Rip would do anything for John, including personally dumping off endless Dutton problems at the old "train station."

 The Dutton patriarch has, for better or worse, given Rip the life he has as an adult, which is why Rip is so attached to him.

Cole Hauser told Taste of Country, "No," that Rip would never betray John.

All those flashbacks have taught us that Beth Dutton is Rip's one true blind spot, making her a possible wildcard in the Duttons' many opponents' devious plots.