Reports say that "American Idol" judge Katy Perry "isn't fazed" by criticism about how she treats contestants.

Katy Perry has had to deal with a lot of criticism this season as a judge on American Idol. 

From being called "dismissive" to being accused of "losing all credibility," the judge has been through a lot of different feelings this season.

But sources told Page Six that Perry isn't letting the bad news bother her.

"The backlash doesn't bother Katy," a source said. "This season has been full of ups and downs and great talent, so she's just doing her job."

Perry was recently called "dismissive" because she didn't give a contestant any comment on their performance. Instead, when one of her favorite contestants was kicked off, she asked fans to vote.

Perry also made a joke about a young mother who tried out for the show earlier in the season.

He told the 25-year-old mother of three that she has been "laying on the table too much." Later, that person got on the show, but he or she was one of two contestants who left early this season.

This season was also the first time in Perry's six seasons on the show that she was booed by the live crowd while filming in Hawaii.