Red Sox

"Best jerseys in baseball"—Boston Red Sox fans in yellow "City Connect" jerseys respond to a 17-4 record.

Red Sox

After beating the Los Angeles Angels 2-1 on Sunday, the Boston Red Sox improved to 8-8.

Red Sox

The squad improved to 17-4 all-time in their yellow "City Link" jerseys with powder blue headgear.

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Red Sox

Turner, who joined the Boston Red Sox as a free agent after nine successful years .

Red Sox

With the Los Angeles Dodgers, hit his first home run of the season.

Red Sox

Turner's homer, Whitlock's pitching, and the team's incredible record in yellow jerseys dominated post game discussion.

Why is the Red Sox called the Sox?

Red Sox home outfits were white with brilliant red stockings. Taylor coined "Red Sox," which stuck in 1908.

The Red Sox collapsed in what year?

The 2011 Boston Red Sox were expected to dominate MLB.

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