Real Madrid and Barcelona argue over Franco, corruption, and favoritism.

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are sworn enemies on and off the field, but relations between the two clubs have recently taken a surprising and explosive turn as a result of their verbal.

Battle about whose organization was more supportive of Francisco Franco during the 36-year Spanish dictator's tenure. The 'Caso Negreira,' an alleged referee payment.

Scandal that has brought corruption charges against Barcelona, serves as the backdrop for the controversy. On Monday, more than eight weeks after the controversy broke.

FCB President Joan Laporta defended the Catalan club. Laporta mostly followed his prepared remarks at.

The outset of a two-hour press conference that was held to publicly address allegations that Barça paid José Mara Negreira, the former.

Vice president of Spanish soccer's officiating committee, $7.8 million in payments over a 17-year period. There were the typical denials.

And jabs at Barça's archrival Real Madrid, with Laporta declaring that the two clubs' relationship had "soured" as a result of the rivalry's involvement with its own accusations.

The head of Barça even claimed to have 629 technical refereeing reports, 43 CDs, and four other reports that contradict the allegations.