Seahawks, Eagles, and two-first-round pick teams opportunity rankings.

While five clubs do not currently have a first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, four teams have an excellent chance to get two high-quality players on Day. investigates the clubs that match that criterion and ranks them from best to worst.

R.J. White of SportsLine created an updated trade value chart, and his data will be used in these rankings.

1. Texans: Nos. 2 and 12 overall

Houston's first-round picks had a total point value of 1108.97, by and away the greatest of any of these four teams.

The Texans should be able to select a franchise quarterback at No. 2, but there have been rumors that they may pass on the position if Alabama's Bryce Young is selected first overall.

If that is the case, the franchise winning two of the last three games after losing nine in a row might prove quite costly.

Not all value is created equal. The value of selecting a quarterback at No. 2 overall trumps the value of selecting any other position.

Pick, which was acquired as part of the Deshaun Watson trade. Although the 2023 draft class is lacking in exceptional talent, first-year head coach DeMeco Ryans should receive an important building block with that selection

2. Seahawks: Nos. 5 and 20 overall

Prospect value will be an issue for teams in the later portion of the first round. Beyond the top 12 or so prospects, the ceiling of this class begins to fall.

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