Rachel McAdams and Her Armpit Hair Are Watching You Right Now

In reality, celebrities are not even close to being like us. Yes, the majority of people and those celebrated stars presumably still go through some of the same biological processes,

 but just like us? Nah. We're not going to come much closer than "refreshingly familiar" here. 

Here are the images from Rachel McAdams' much-discussed recent interview with Bustle before she plays the lead in the movie version of Are You There, God.

 My name is Margaret. McAdams portrays Barbara, Margaret's mother, in the film adaptation of Judy Blume's coming-of-age novel. 

Barbara is a free-spirited art instructor who, in the actor's words, is noticeably bra-free throughout the entire picture.

According to her interview with Bustle, "I'm playing a kind of wild child, hippie artist mom [who] doesn't wear a bra throughout the entire film." 

In (some of) the pictures that go with the piece, she is wearing a bra, and fashion, baby.