Pretty Yende, African soprano, coronation history

Pretty Yende has sung at renowned opera houses, but nothing will compare to her performance at King Charles III's coronation on May 6.

The 38-year-old says her Westminster Abbey concert will be the first solo African performance at a British monarch's coronation.

"I feel very, very honoured because it is something that has never happened before," she told AFP.

"Generations from now they will read about British monarchs... and they'll see the name of a girl from the tip of Africa written in there

that she was actually invited by the king himself to sing at Westminster Abbey." Yende, born in 1985 in a township in eastern South Africa, sang Zulu songs on the walk to church and gospel with the choir.

A British Airways ad featuring Leo Delibes' operatic "Flower Duet" transformed her life.

Yende said opera "is a gift to humanity and there's something divine about it too" and hoped her performance would inspire others to try it.

She won't boycott the coronation to protest Britain's colonial past. "Each generation can give hope for tomorrow with a small action."