Powerful Astrological Signs

Everyone was surprised when I confronted and defeated my bully. The bully was scared of me and started being nice. But I wouldn't have let him.


Because Aquarius is unique among the zodiac signs, it has always held a special place in my heart. In truth, I'm a water sign Aquarius. 


When it comes to sports, those born under the sign of Aries excel. While to like lighthearted chat, they may quickly turn deadly serious if threatened.


Leo is the dominant sign in many ways; it represents the most powerful animal, the most influential planet, the most authoritative point of view, and, well, let's face it, the BOSS. 


I'm one of the most recalcitrant signs there is. I am unwavering in my convictions and will not be swayed from my point of view.


The superiority of Gemini is undeniable. When someone throws them down, they don't react negatively or try to change who they are; instead, they pick themselves back up and carry on as if nothing happened. 


They imagine themselves to be the Lion of the people, when in reality they are simply a conceited jerk. We cancers are above bragging to the common folk.


I am grateful for the good fortune that comes with being a Virgo man. When I was younger, there were moments when bullies tried to intimidate me but ultimately failed.


I love being a Capricorn since I am generally a sociable and easygoing person, but being labeled as slow or weak, or having people do things that I find annoying, can make me angry or agitated.


Even if you don't agree with me, please at least consider putting three Pisces in the top spot, as I find them to be the most self-reliant and powerful of all the signs.


As a taurus with a sister who is a libra, I respectfully disagree that libras should be ranked 11th. She confronts hostile individuals, such as bullies, and aids others whenever she can.


As a Sagittarius, I have fought and defeated leos and found most aries to be relatively weak. Even though I practice Taekwondo, I am considerably stronger than the vast majority of people I have met.


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