Russell Wilson almost avoids a terrible incident

If Friday night's statements by Packers president Mark Murphy weren't enough to convince you, a new report should.

Aaron Rodgers' time with the Packers is finished. The parties involved in the trade that would send Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay

Packers to the New York Jets have reportedly "virtually completed" their negotiations. The final piece of the puzzle is Rodgers' approval of the transaction.

All during the NFL offseason, Rodgers has been thinking about his future.

He went into a "darkness retreat" to think about the future. He has never been one to share his innermost feelings.

On Tuesday, however, the Jets flew out to California to pay him a personal visit in his jet aircraft.

Murphy confirmed this on Friday, saying the Packers authorized conversations between the Jets and Rodgers.

According to reports, all that is left for Rodgers to do is turn the key.

According to the evidence, Rodgers is planning a move. The Hall of Fame quarterback went through the same process this summer that

he did every offseason, but this time he has a $60 million guarantee for 2023.

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