Packers, Jets may not trade Aaron Rodgers before June 1.

The Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, and New York Jets saga may last months.

On Monday, The Athletic's Jets insider Zack Rosenblatt said "it feels improbable at this point" that the Packers and Jets will deal Rodgers before April 27, the NFL Draft's opening day.

Rosenblatt said fans shouldn't "anticipate anything to happen" until June 1 until the Packers trade the potential Hall of Famer before the draft.

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"The Packers may spread the $40.3M dead cap over two seasons—$15.8M in 2023 and $24.5M in 2024—and thus create extra cap room this offseason," Rosenblatt noted.

Rodgers' $58.3M option bonus isn't due until Week 1 of 2023.

Last week, the Packers sought a 2023 second-round and 2024 first-round selection for Rodgers. Green Bay may receive 2025 pick compensation if Rodgers retires after 2023.

Woody Johnson was "scared" after the four-time NFL MVP told Pat McAfee in March that he went into his offseason meditation retreat "90 percent retired and 10 percent playing."

Packers CEO Mark Murphy has said Jordan Love will replace Rodgers. The Packers' website's Mike Spofford stated Love is "ready to take over" the offense Monday morning.

Rosenblatt suggested Rodgers "could consider turning up for the opening of Packers (training) camp to make things unpleasant and hasten the trade discussions" in July.

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