No Show Understands Mothers and Daughters Like 'Single Drunk Female'

We are brilliantly introduced to the series' most essential connection a little more than three minutes into the premiere episode of Freeform's Single Drunk Female.

This relationship is between Samantha "Sam" Fink (Sofia Black-D'Elia) and her mother, Carol (Ally Sheedy).

At this point in the pilot, we had previously witnessed Sam assault her boss while under the influence of alcohol, get a sentence of community service,

and be committed to a treatment facility. On the other hand, the episode begins almost immediately after that,

as Sam checks out of the rehabilitation center and gets into the car with her mother.

Did you just talk about me the whole time?” Carol asks her daughter in a teasing manner. Sam gives a mocking response, saying,

"Yes, Mother." It is entirely focused on you. However, in a nutshell, yes." Their mother-daughter dynamic may be properly understood after seeing only

three phrases and a little under a minute of screen time. But of even more significance is the fact that it was during the production of this sequence that Simone Finch,