NFL World Responds To Regrettable Antonio Brown News

Antonio Brown, a former NFL wide receiver, is back in the news for a regrettable cause.

A judge has instructed police to detain Brown in connection with overdue child support, according to TMZ.

A judge in the Miami area issued the court order last week. If Brown pays $30,000, he can be released from jail, but only then.

It's the most recent of Brown's several off-field problems; he most recently played in the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

One of those problems occurred in late 2022 when Brown's arrest warrant was issued in connection with an incident of domestic abuse.

The NFL community is responding to the news. One supporter stated, "I have zero sympathy for not paying child support."

Another supporter remarked, "He got too many struggles like pick one struggle."

Brown just acquired a controlling interest in the Albany Empire in the National Arena League after his NFL career came to an end.