The 39-year-old actress looked great on the red carpet for the 9th Annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony with husband Ashton Kutcher.

She wore a black, sparkly suit over a see-through top that showed off her killer abs.

The 39-year-old actress walked the red carpet with husband Ashton Kutcher in a sparkly black suit over a sheer top that showed off her abs. Ashton was tuxed.

So, what's Mila do to look so strong? Mila does not use Instagram and is notoriously private, so there are no online videos of her workouts.

Having said that, she does offer tidbits here and there about the things she does to maintain her healthy lifestyle.

Mila told Harper's Bazaar that she works out three times a week, but she worked out seven days a week for five hours a day while training for Black Swan.

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Ashton posted an Instagram photo of himself after a Peloton Tread workout, but Mila hasn't.

Mila eats anything. Ashton has written several posts about wine (and the two have their own winery).

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