Netflix co-star Mark Wahlberg was Terrified of S*x Scene because "You can't enjoy it too much"

Hollywood veteran Mark Wahlberg is better known as an action star as a result of roles in films like Uncharted,

Transformers: Age of Extinction, Max Payne, and others. However,

it appears that he may have directed his career in that direction in order to preserve his marriage in addition to becoming a renowned action hero.

Why? due to sex scenes. Sexual scenes in movies are nothing new, of course.

They are included either to titillate viewers or to develop a relationship on-screen.

Many actors have expressed their unease or awkwardness while filming such scenes over the years.

But unlike Mark Wahlberg, comedian Iiliza Shlesinger had a different opinion of them.

Iiliza Shlesinger, an actress and comedian, starred alongside Mark Wahlberg in Peter Berg's Spenser Confidential.