Married at First Sight's While Making Living Plans, Nicole Demands More "Pep" from Chris.

Nicole says she wants to be "proactive" in seeking a new house but is frustrated by Chris's relaxed attitude in PEOPLE's exclusive sneak preview of Wednesday's episode. On Married.

At First Sight, Nicole Lilienthal is eager to begin her marriage to Christopher "Chris" Thielk, but he doesn't seem to share her enthusiasm. Nicole emphasizes her wish to locate a new home.

Where they can live together in PEOPLE's exclusive peek at the Wednesday episode of Married at First Sight, while her spouse adopts a more relaxed stance. Do we want to discuss our living situation now? Chris responds.

We still have to figure that out," as Nicole questions him in the car. Nicole acknowledges that finding a rental home that will also accept their three dogs is not.

An easy solution" to their housing dilemma.Chris echoes this sentiment, saying, "There's not an easy solution regardless because of the three dogs." In addition to stating that she doesn't "want to live separately,

Nicole asks her husband, "If we're struggling so much to find a solution now, what are we going to do later.

Then Chris makes an effort to reassure his wife. He believes that even if we are unable to come up with a solution in the near future, there is no reason to panic because we still have.

Time and our locations. Nicole, on the other hand, is not a fan of Chris' strategy since she wants him to take command.