Luke Grimes Has Finally Broken His Silence Following Upsetting 'Yellowstone' Season 5 Episode News

The midseason finale of Yellowstone season 5 just aired, and fans can't wait for more shows.

Luke Grimes joined the talk about the latest episode of the show, but it will be a while before people can catch up with the Dutton family.

When it was announced that the Paramount Network show would be back in the summer, the star went on Instagram to thank the people who have watched the drama every week.

He thanked his fans for liking his work by posting a picture of himself dressed as his character Kayce Dutton. He also told a secret that only people with good ears would have caught.

"Thanks for watching, and thanks for using my song in last night's show, @yellowstone. Means the world," he wrote about his song "No Horse to Ride" on January 2.

As soon as Luke put the picture on social media, Yellowstone fans started talking about it.

 There were a lot of reactions to his big music news, but many people were angry about how long it would take for him to come back to TV.