Katy Perry and Lionel Richie to be replaced with "big-time stars" as supporters demand their dismissal from American Idol.

While Katy and Lionel are scheduled to perform at King Charles III's coronation...

...at Windsor Castle in England on May 7, fans will see new faces join Luke Bryan this month.

Luke, 46, teased who might replace his co-stars in an exclusive interview with ET over the weekend, saying they would be "big-time" personalities.

"It's a major deal. It's a major deal. The contenders who are filling in have...

...used their songs numerous times. a great deal more than mine!" Luke clarified.

Fans are excited for the switch-up in light of the recent criticism Katy and Lionel have had, but the country singer didn't give any other details.

Fans have suggested that Katy, 38, be replaced because she has received criticism...

...for the way she has treated the participants on the show on multiple occasions.