Kate Winslet: “It’s like having 55 babies naturally in quick succession.”

For those connected to it, Titanic is undoubtedly one of the films that has changed their lives.

However, it appears that Kate Winslet has negative memories associated with the James Cameron classic.

It's nothing new; even Leonardo DiCaprio experienced difficulties following the box office success of Titanic.

Winslet has discussed her desire for assistance in managing the excessive celebrity brought on by the 1997 film in a number of interviews.

The movie Titanic is regarded as one of the best ever made. A record-breaking $2.2 billion was made by the historical ship disaster movie,

which also took home 11 of the 14 Academy Awards. However, the celebrities had some difficulties adjusting to their increased fame.

Kate Winslet had different problems than Leonardo...

...DiCaprio did with the "pretty boy" image that the film had given him.