‘Jury Duty’: Ronald Gladden on His Castmates’ Acting and a Favorite Moment That Didn’t Make the Cut

Until the last day of production, Ronald Gladden was unaware that he was the star of Amazon Freevee's Jury Duty.

He developed ties with members of what he believed to be a real jury over the course of three weeks.

They were, in fact, actors. Gladden presided over a jury that included Mekki Leeper from Sex Lives of College Girls,

David Brown from I Used to Go Here, and Edy Modica from The Special Without Brett Davis.

They all performed an amazing job of persuasion! Gladden talked to us about his experience filming, as well as what he thought of his co-stars' acting abilities.

Gladden said that Ron Song, who portrayed Ken, Leeper, who played Noah, and Brown, who played Todd, were all as believable in their roles.

"Those three were just so immersed in their characters, and they sold it so well," he said to Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

And I'm disappointed that Ken had so many of his moments deleted because he had some really amusing lines.