Jessica Chastain's Met Gala Blonde Look Is Unrecognizable

Is that you, Jessica Chastain? At the 2023 Met Gala, the actor underwent the most dramatic transformation,

trading in her distinctive bright red hair for a striking platinum blonde.

Seriously, I had to take several steps back to make sure it was her!

At the eagerly anticipated May event, the actor debuted her brand-new bright blonde hair on the red carpet.

For maximum impact, she wore it with a strapless black dress, sheer black gloves, and Karl Lagerfeld-worthy black sunglasses. Chastain's ultra sleek,

almost white-blonde hair, worn parted in the center and down her back with only a trace of gentle wave at the ends, replaced her copper red waves.

Even though Chastain is hardly recognisable with blonde hair, it is a wonderful appearance on her.

However, it is unclear whether this is a permanent alteration or merely a wig.