Jennifer Garner and her long-term partner John Miller go to the premiere of her new show.

Since 2018, Jennifer Garner has been seeing John Miller, while her ex-husband Ben Affleck's new marriage to Jennifer Lopez gets more attention.

They prefer that. Garner seemed tired of celebrity romances and limelight after her divorce from Affleck.

According to US Weekly, Miller agrees with Garner: "She loves how little he cares for the limelight or the whole Hollywood scenester stuff..." Unlike Ben and J.Lo.

It's not their style to perform for the cameras or obsess about which events to attend.

They said, “They’re happier being a regular, under-the-radar couple and don’t need anyone else’s validation to know they’re meant to be together. It's not them.

He's not why she's not ready. In January 2023, Us Weekly reported that Garner was committed to Miller but not ready to marry.

“Jennifer loves John and still sees a future with him. A source informed the newspaper that she doesn't want to slow down or spend less time together.

 “She’s decided after a lot of thought that she’s just not in a hurry to rush down the aisle just yet and that she feels perfectly happy cherishing and enjoying what they have—for now—without a formal label.”