1. Temples

Japanese culture revolves around religious temples and shrines. Tori gates and altars are amazing. Japan has 150,000 Buddhist and Shinto temples.

2. Sakura

Spring is a great time to visit Japan because Sakura trees bloom. Hanami, a thousand-year-old Japanese tradition, involves eating, drinking, and socializing during cherry blossom season.

3. Onsen

The Shinto religion considers Japan's natural hot springs (onsen) soul-purifying. Since then, Japan has enjoyed hot spring baths. Hokkaido has the most onsens in Japan.

4. Sumo

WWE fans must see a sumo match in Japan. Sumo wrestling was originally a Shinto ritual for gods. Japan's national sport today!

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5. Geisha

Geishas are traditional Japanese culture craftsmen, contrary to popular misconception. Geishas use their talents to amuseacustomers and display Japanese culture.

6. Itadakimasu

"Itadakimasu" before eating in Japan! "I humbly receive" is a pre-meal grace.

7. Japanese tea 

Traditional Japanese tea ceremonies are art to be savored. While in Japan, book a traditional Japanese ritual to relax and relieve stress. You'll hear about the ceremony's significance and enjoy tea and sweets.


Japanese sumo wrestling is centuries old. It's culturally rich and unlike anything else. Spend a day learning about Sumo wrestling—there's a lot to know. Take an in Tokyo to learn about sumo wrestling history and daily life. Sumo wrestlers perform at.

9. bizarre theme parks

Tokyo's nightlife is legendary, along with its restaurants, theme parks, and attractions. This city is becoming the city that never sleeps, rivaling New York. Locals drink with pals every night, weekend or weeknight. Discover local favorites with a.

10.temples and shrines 

A tour that tells amazing stories about Japanese Buddhism is. At the Zeniarai Benten cave spring, you can pray for luck or wash some money. This tour is ideal for history and culture buffs.

- Dalai Lama