Jamie Foxx is recovering from a medical  complication

This week, the actor's daughter wrote that he was getting better after a "medical complication."

Jamie Foxx is feeling better. A source told PEOPLE on Friday that the "Day Shift" star, who is 55 years old, keeps getting better.

On Wednesday, his daughter Corinne Foxx told fans about his health for the first time. She told him that on Tuesday, he had "a medical complication."Rapoport added that the deal had two back-end cap placeholders that might be renegotiated.

She didn't say anything about what was wrong with Foxx or how he was feeling. Corinne, who is 29 years old, said on behalf of the Foxx family,

"We wanted to let you know that my father, Jamie Foxx, had a health problem yesterday."

"He is on his way to getting better because we acted quickly and gave him good care. "We know how much he is loved, and we thank you for your prayers," the message says. "At this time, the family would like to be left alone."

He was recently seen filming the Netflix show Back in Action. A source had told PEOPLE before that the set of Back in Action was "shut down" on Wednesday

after the main actor had a health scare. A source said that shooting resumed on Thursday, but Foxx wasn't there.

On Thursday, people got an email from a casting director for the movie Back in Action, which Foxx, Cameron Diaz, and Glenn Close had been filming in Atlanta earlier this week.

The email told extras that a scene that was meant to be shot this Sunday has been canceled because of "changes in production."

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