Frank Ocean’s Coachella Performance Was a ‘Scramble’ Days Before Controversial Set: Sources

Because everything was happening so late, there wasn't the best vibe to begin with, the other skater explains.

He posed the questions with an attitude of "wanting them to take accountability." When they realized we could all hear, they eventually turned off the in-ears.

Another insider said, "There were a number of production [components] that Frank intended that at the last minute didn't work out. "That threw everything off, and then there was a scramble."

Rolling Stone contacted Coachella promoter Goldenvoice for comment, but they did not get back to us. Ocean's representative declined to comment.

On an ice rink, Ocean had planned to do a "winter wonderland"-inspired act, but "a lot of it was scrapped," the insider continued.

The description of the performance is consistent with what two hired hockey players who claimed to be a part of Ocean's show revealed earlier

This week when they appeared on the Empty Netters podcast. The show's planned "skating portion was going to be huge," according to the skaters.

The head of production for a different artist who appeared on the main stage the previous weekend told,

Rolling Stone that they had to work around the ice rink in the days leading up to Ocean's performance,

That they were astonished when Ocean and the performers failed to appear on the secondary ice stage on Sunday.