Frank Ocean skips the second weekend of Coachella

A representative for the musician confirmed to Variety that Frank Ocean will not be performing his scheduled headlining set at Coachella this Sunday. His replacement, according to a person familiar with the matter, will be Blink-182.

Frank Ocean won't be performing at Coachella's second weekend, according to the statement. "In the week preceding weekend 1, he broke his leg while attending a festival.

Frank Ocean was unable to execute the planned act but was still determined to perform, thus it was necessary to reconstruct the show within 72 hours. Due to two fractures and a sprain in his left leg, [Ocean] is unable to perform.

Weekend 2 as per the doctor's advice. Ocean closes the note by saying, "'It was hectic.

Even turmoil has its beauty. Frank Ocean said, "I did enjoy being out there and I'll see you soon. It isn't what I intended to show.

The revelation comes after days of controversy surrounding Ocean's divisive performance during the festival's first weekend, which was musically strong but uneven and hampered by.

Significant production problems: A complex performa.nce featuring an ice rink and numerous skaters was scheduled but abruptly canceled. Numerous reports claim that the large

Production was unexpectedly called off on Sunday, just hours before Ocean's scheduled performance, since the singer decided he didn't want to do it.

However, the official statement claims that it was postponed due to an ankle ailment the artist had sustained earlier in the week.