Five Surprisingly Good Things That Happened to the Senators This Season

Despite numerous injuries this season, the Ottawa Senators missed the playoffs by six points. 

However, when they assess where they are, they must also account for the surprisingly excellent things that occurred this season.

With the Senators missing the playoffs for the sixth consecutive year, most of the postseason discussion has centered on explanations and "What ifs?"

What if the Senators hadn't been so injured? What if their goaltending had been more consistent? What if they kept getting bounces?

But, like a golfer who believes a few missed putts are all that stands between him and breaking 80, it's easy to ignore all the nice shocks, such as holing that 45-foot chip shot on 12.

This season, the Ottawa Senators also had a number of surprise positive things happen to them. 

And, when assessing their season performance or projections for next season, the Sens' positive fortunes cannot be overlooked or taken for granted,

because some of them may have negated some of the disasters they believe kept them out of the playoffs.